Saturday, October 25, 2008


People have asked me to teach them photography in this blog. They would like me to explain the Apertures, Shutter Speeds and all the other relevant photography basics.

I do realize that there are sites for that but I would like to help them out here. I also understand that I have intermediate and advanced amateurs here at Eyes On Photography and we even have a few professionals. I would not want to loose these viewers by boring them with a ton of 'basic' articles.

Since starting this site I have pondered this dilemma of what to write and blog about, what subjects would I include and what articles I would write. In order to keep things interesting for everyone, here is the basic format I will use.

I will intersperse the following types of subjects in future blogs:

Photography Basics (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc.)

Although these are the basic building blocks of photography I will try to make them understandable by beginners and yet filled with relevant content and tips for the intermediate and advanced photographer. Within the next few days I will post a basic Exposure article about Aperture, Shutter Speeds and ISO and will later follow it up with more detailed blogs and will continue on to other basics. I will keep these structured and in a relevant order for beginners to learn.

Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC, Canada
"Lion's By Moonlight"

Photography Techniques (Night Photography, Fireworks, Bird, etc)

Here I will post what appeals to me based on the photography I do and based on requests from readers. If you would like some specific information or tips, please ask.

Technical Articles (White Balance, Quality, Printing, etc.)

I have already posted two Technical Articles. The first was entitled "Start to Finish 'Tack' Sharp" and the second was an article on Lens Cleaning entitled "To Clean or Not to Clean, That Is the Lens Cleaning Question." I will shortly follow these up with an article on "Quality in Photography" which will lay the framework for a series on how to achieve the ultimate quality print photographs.

Product Reviews (Software, Hardware, Gadgets, etc.)

This is self explanatory here. Arriving shortly will be a Canon 50D review, an HP Mini PC review, and several reviews and product comparisons on Compact Flash Cards and Readers. I will also shortly be reviewing some Software and Plug-ins.

Social & Political Issues (Netiquette, Photo Politics, etc.)

This will be a little more interesting. I will cover subjects like "How to Get On the Web" about your Web presence and "Netiquette on Social Photography Web Sites". I will have Legal topics about your rights as a photographer, copyright and how to protect your images. This will be a wide and varied area of topic coverage.

Links (Books, Sites, Products etc.)

This is fairly self explanatory and I have already posted such a blog, 'Read, Learn and Even Get Published.'


Finally I will be posting my photos. These I will post within my blogs but I will create blog 'Albums' like my 'Bird Album' that I will continually update. I will also on occasion post a link to some incredible photo that I may find on the World Wide Web.

If I have missed something here or if you would like to read something specific, please ask.

© 2008 Francois Cleroux

Please feel free to leave comments, corrections, ideas, thoughts or suggestions.

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