Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the Love of Birds

This post originally dated October 22, 2012 has been updated and the new post can be viewed here. The new post also contains some different images.

After picking up photography again in November 2007 after many years of absence from the art, I decided to 'Master' several subjects. The first of these I choose was 'birds'. I do not know exactly why I choose birds except perhaps it was my love of them.

This makes 'bird' photography ideal for me as I now get to do two things, well, three things I love. I get to be 'outdoors', doing 'photography' and shooting 'birds'. How much better than that can it get?

I also decided to try to make money with my bird photography and will be donating all bird image sales profits to Bird Sanctuaries and Rescue Shelters. All my bird images are for sale and 'Rights' are available for free by permission only to government registered non-profit societies for use in Print Material. Please inquire.

Here are a few of my images. This page will act as my "Bird Photography Album" and I will continually update it. You will notice my love of birds but specially of 'Raptors'. Please feel free to leave comments.

Syd the Red-Tailed Hawk - "Launch"
Tree Swallow - "Tachycineta bicolor"
Red-Tailed Hawk - "Buteo jamaicensis"
Red-Tailed Hawk feeding on a Mole - "Feast"
Red-Tailed Hawk - "Landing"
Red-Winged Blackbird - "Agelaius phoeniceus"
American Kestrel - "Falco sparverius"
Sandhill Crane - "Grus canadensis"
Tree Swallow - "Happy Feet"

Hope you enjoyed looking at these images and I hope that they can in some way inspire you to help with the care of birds or at least inspire you to photograph your love!

Francois Cleroux

(Version 1.01 -  October 2008)

Please feel free to leave comments, corrections, ideas, thoughts or suggestions.

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