Friday, October 31, 2008

Hawloween Treats

I have two treats for you little photography monsters today. Both are based on other sites so I'll give you a little run down and then the links.

The first is a perfectly suited article for Halloween as it involves cadavers. Actually it involves your dead body. Once you pass away, oh, and you will pass away, what happens to your on-line blogs and images? Do they go off to Web Heaven?

If you think about it a little it is kind of creepy. Depending on which site you are on, your image and immortalized words could be on-line forever or until you delete them. Oh wait, you wont be able to. Your spouse or children perhaps? Chances are they do not know about all you photo and blog sites and besides it will be the very last thing they will be thinking about as they are lowering your body into the crypt.

Read this article "What happens to your web stuff when you die?" at It discusses legal issues as well.

This second article is not as creepy but it is a great treat. Most of you know Popular Photography Magazine as being one of the best magazines around and their web site is just as good. Have you ever dreamed of having you photo published in this or other magazines?

It's not all that difficult, just go out and get the best photo the world has ever seen and send a copy in to every magazine in the world and someone will publish it. All kidding aside, has a great on-line How-To video entitled "Tips for getting in the pages of Popular Photography Magazine".

Now you may not necessarily want to get into the magazine but this video will give you some great photography insights and some valuable tips.


New Poll

I have posted a new poll. It is on 'Bokeh'. Please look to the right hand side column and please answer the question. You will not be graded on this, this is a poll to see what people 'think' Bokeh is. Please do not look it up, just answer as best you can. You can vote until Friday November 7th, 2008 at which time there will be a new poll posted.

I will be posting an article on Bokeh that should answer all your questions once the poll has ended.

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