Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Sticky Situation

Mounting images to backing boards for framing or for presentations or for competition submission can be a tricky thing to try for someone that has never attempted it before. You need to worry about centring the image and laying it down square to the backing board and then making sure it is laying perfectly flat.

Most people on their first attempt try to use the basic 'Scotch' brand double sided tape they have left over from Christmas. Unfortunately this tape just does not stick well enough and images will just peel off the backing board over a short period of time or from the heat of the 'judges' viewing lamps.

After a little research they realize they need to use a better quality double sided tape designed for this purpose and they usually also learn that they should use 'Acid Free' or 'Archival Quality' tape.

This tends to usually cost much more and is a little more difficult to work with. Also, because it sticks so well it also you can inadvertently lay the image down or accidentally have the tape come into contact over the wrong area of the backing board and poof, the image or backing board gets damaged.

Today while shopping at my favourite Art Shop Opus Framing ( the always friendly and helpful staff pointed me in the direction of what they told me is a great new product. I purchased this product and went on to my Photography Club Meeting where I dropped off three images for an upcoming competition, the Delta Photo Challenge that I had mounted with good double sided tape.

During the meeting all I kept thinking about was this great new stick of Acid Free Photo Glue specifically designed for mounting photos to standard black album pages. I was told that it also works great for backing boards and proper mats. Wow, a glue stick. Remember the old yellow Uhu glue sticks from school? Well its just like that. While sitting there I imagined running this stick along all four edges and then laying the image onto the board. Done. Way easier than the tape!

The product is called Itoya Art ProFolio Brand Photo Glue. This glue is supposed to be Acid Free, is not supposed to discolour or warp images, dries clear and is designed to be permanent. They do recommend 'testing' the product out with your specific photos and boards or paper first.


I will be in Hawaii for two weeks but upon my return I will be trying this product out. I purchased three sticks and gave several away for others to try out and give me their input. I will let you know how it works out.

If you want to check it out for yourself, check it out here:

If you already have experience with this product. Please let me know.

2011-0208 Update - Although I like the simplicity of this product as it is quick and easy, I have however had it fail on several occasions. The Glue Fails and doesn't hold the image onto the backing board. I have had this happen with different papers but always on standard 4 Ply plain backing boards. I also tried this with a ton of glue and it has also failed. Dissapointing!

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