Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to Eyes On Photography!

My name is Francois Cleroux. I started doing photography in grade eight when three of us (Arne Hermann, Andrew Kuprat and myself) started a Photography Club at school. We convinced our science teacher Mr. Wong Moon to donate a small storage room to us that had a sink in it. It was perfect to get a darkroom setup. We pooled some money and acquired some supplies. When the teachers in charge of putting together the School Annual found out about the club, they asked for our help. We ran the club all three years we were there from grade eight to grade ten.

In Senior High School they actually offered a Photography Course. Even better, they offered a Special Double Block Photography Course. Everyone involved in that course helped out with the School Annual. We also had free access to the schools excellent Dark Room which had Beseler 23c’s in it. Our photography teacher Dietmar Waber, was one of the best teachers I ever had in my life. He influenced me and he is the one that encouraged me to help others. He noticed I got bored very easily and always challenged me and got me involved with teaching others. I owe a lot to him.

While in High School I ended up doing sports photography for some of the local papers including the Richmond Review, the Vancouver Sun and the Province. I even worked with Province Photographer Gary Karmann who still works for the paper today.

Once out of school I did fashion work and moved on to Nature and Landscape photography. I did some work for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee where I helped put together a Slide Presentation that was shown across Canada and Shown in the House of Commons in Ottawa. I worked for Minolta Canada during Expo 1986 in Vancouver and stopped doing photography shortly after that.

I have a Graphic Arts background. I have since owned my own computer company and I am just now getting back into photography to relax and to create art. I have recently gotten involved in Bird Photography and more recently involved in helping birds out through different groups and associations.

I have recently started a new Organization that will soon be a Registered Non-Profit Organization called “Nature By Photo”. Nature By Photo’s motto is “Saving Birds, Animals and the Environment One Photo at a Time!"

Nature By Photo allows photographers to donate the use (limited rights) of their photos to other Registered Non-Profit Organizations that are involved in helping Birds, Animals and the Environment. Photos can be used on Web Sites, in print on Post Cards, Posters and Advertising Material or even In Calendars and Books.

Organizations benefit by having the best quality photos available for their use at no charge and the photographers gain by having their work published with full credits.

You will soon be able to get involved. More information to follow. If you do not want to get involved with this type of organization I do encourage you to donate your work directly to other Animal, Wildlife and Humanitarian Groups and Organizations. They can always use your help and it is a great way to get ‘published’.

Instead of Blogging for everyone else, I have finally decided to take the plunge and Blog for myself. I have been blogging on MyShutterSpace.com, on the Delta Photo Club Site and have recently been invited to blog on three other sites including a soon to be released great new blog site (more later) which I will be blogging regularly for.

I will be posting all my blogs here at BlogSpot and then copies will be distributed to other sites. In this way a complete history of all my blogs will be recorded and kept here on this site.

I will be blogging on everything related to photography including computers, software, accessories, gadgets, techniques, tips & tricks, and photography specific topics such as Exposure, Apertures, ISO and so on. My schooling background is Arts but I run a successful computer company and I have been involved in the computer and technologies industry for many years now.

I have re-entered the world of photography in November of 2007 when I decided the Age of Digital Photography had finally arrived. I had been keeping an eye on digital cameras for several years searching for the right camera at the right price and it finally arrived in the form of the Canon 40D.

The right camera was going to be a DSLR camera with sufficient quality and mega pixels to deliver a great 11” x 14” enlargement. The right price was going to be the $1,000.00 to $1,400.00 dollar range. At that time the only cameras capable of achieving what I was looking for were the professional full frame cameras at much higher prices.

Since November I have fallen in love with photography again and have been very active in the photography community since. I Blog to help other photography enthusiasts get better at photography and hope that in some way I can influence you personally and your photographic skills and styles.

My writing style is a more common verbal English (which is my second language) than a proper text book English. Readers often thank me for my usually easy to read and easy to follow articles and reviews.

I am very approachable and always gladly accept comments, suggestions, and corrections. I always strive to improve who I am as a person, my writing skills and my photography. It is only by getting valuable feedback from readers that I will be able to achieve my goals and therefore I look forward to hearing and learning from you.

- Francois Cleroux

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  1. Good to see you here!! I'll have to visit often! Sorry, but I kinda disappeared on MyShutterspace. Other commitments and things seemed to take over!!

    I started a new blog in recent months... http://jeanettesozpix.wordpress.com/

    Anyhow, good to touch base again!!


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