Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Little Mice That Could

When you are using your computer and more specifically when using your computer for editing photos, you need a mouse. The mouse is one of those highly overlooked items at our desks.

Often, we have very old mice that are still being used, perhaps some old ball mouse that you got when you purchased your computer. Or, perhaps you went out and purchased a new mouse but did so without doing your 'photo editing' with a mouse' research.

I have three, well ok, four mice that I love and use. My main mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution. This is a wireless mouse that is high precision with great programmable features. The two things I love about this mouse is the free spin scroll wheel and the comfort of the overly large but very ergonomic mouse. This mouse comes with the standard small plug-in wireless dongle for your computer.


The MX Revolution also comes in a Bluetooth version which I love to bring along with a laptop when I know I'll need to do a lot of photo editing. The Bluetooth version is great for la[tops as the do not require a dongle on any Bluetooth enabled laptops.

Booth the MX Revolutions will work as portable mice even though they are booth a little large for travel. A proper travel mouse will have an On and Off switch so that the batteries will not drain from the mouse being activated with every small bump of your laptop bag. Both these mice are good for short hauls only however as the built in batteries will not last more than a few days with heavy use.

For those wanting a great true travel mouse, Logitech offers the exceptional VX Nano. This is a true travel mouse in that it has an On and Off switch, is small and compact yet easy to use even with larger hands and is battery operated with 2 AAA batteries that last a long time. Use good Lithium batteries and they should last a four week trip. This mouse comes with the best USB radio dongle around for your laptop. It is a very small tiny dongle that only sticks out of the USB port by about 1.5 mm and can usually just be left in the laptop. As it does not stick out, your laptop can be easily inserted and removed from its case without fear of breaking or loosing the dongle. This great mouse also comes wit a small storage zippered pouch.

On my recent trip to Hawaii I tried to keep electronics to a minimum because of all the camera gear I was bringing along. I brought my new HP Mini PC that is very small and compact yet has a full sized keyboard. I did not need to do any photo editing but did want the laptop for Internet access for mail and posting blogs as well as for Media Storage Backup. I wrote about this new Mini PC in a previous post and will shortly post a proper review. However, in keeping with the whole minimalist approach I purchased a new mouse just before my trip.

My laptop as does many new laptops uses a 5/4 card slot as opposed to the standard PCMCIA expansion slots. This new new mouse is the MoGo Presenter X54 Bluetooth mouse. This mouse is very thing and fits right into the 5/4 expansion slot. It has a built in rechargeable battery that charges when the mouse is inserted into your expansion slot.

Even though this mouse is thin, there is a click out base that holds the mouse at an angle (as pictured) and the mouse becomes easy and comfortable to use. The mouse also has a scroll slider in between the two normal buttons that also doubles as a wireless multi media remote for presentations.

I used this mouse extensively for my whole trip as did my wife and we both loved it. The only downside I found with this mouse is the limited size rechargeable battery only last a few hours if heavily used.

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