Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Photographer On The Web - Closing

One thing is for sure, the Internet is a great place to learn, but it can entrap you into a false sense of greatness and photographic achievements. Many of the ‘social’ sites with their soft critiques can make you think you are a good photographer. Even staying off the Internet can be the same with family and loved ones telling you how good you are, they always will. I once had someone ask me if they should go pro because he thought he was very good and ready to go pro. He wasn’t and with the help of a few other members we were able to gently break it to him that he wasn’t very good. Had he been younger without a job we may have let him do it but, as an adult with a family and a job he was ready to quit, we couldn’t let it happen.

A snapshot always looks great on the Internet and usually looks reasonably sharp. Before thinking it is a great shot and trying to sell it or submit it to a stock site like Getty Images, print it at 11 x 14 inches and see if it is still sharp. If it isn’t it will probably get rejected for submission and will probably not win any prizes.

The importance of quality for contests, stock sites, magazine submissions and sales is the most important. By displaying less than perfect work on the Internet, you can damage your sales more than help them. Remember, your photos are your Resume.

As far as what options to use for getting on the Web? Think about all the options. Think about the costs and time required for each option and then decide on which ones you want to use.

For me, I have been Blogging. I have signed up at a Photographers Service Site to have my Image Galleries created and commerce available. My Blog will link to these Galleries. I am on and use that account for when I need to get some answers or when I want some honest and truthful critique. I am also on Red Bubble and will be posting a lot more photos there this winter.

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