Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teaching Photography

I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and teaching others. I was a young man when I first started teaching or rather coaching Baseball and from baseball went on to coach Badminton including Coaching Badminton at the BC Winter Games.

A coincidence just recently occurred in which a fellow Delta Photo Club Member turns out to be the Mother of one of the kids that I coached at the BC Winter Games. This 'Kid' is now teaching in the Richmond School District. Small world.

Since my coaching days I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours at first teaching by way of mentoring other young photographers and models and in more recent years teaching and mentoring other computer specialists. I have also taught boardroom computer classes on Windows, MS Office including Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook and I have lectured on topics such as Computer Viruses, Spyware and Computer Security. I enjoy the sharing of knowledge and I am always glad even when sharing cooking secrets.

Through the Delta Photo Club I will now be teaching a Basic Digital Photography Class at a local College that will be the basis for the knowledge sharing I will be posting on this site. Here is the course information:

H12 – Introduction to Digital Photography

Learn more about your digital camera and how to use it effectively. This course will introduce basic camera terminology, demonstrate how to use ‘all those buttons’, and how to take better pictures through the understanding of the art of photography, composition and lighting. You will also learn what factors to consider when purchasing a new digital camera and have opportunities to ask questions about photos you bring to class with a view to improving your own artistic efforts.

Presenter: Francois Cleroux
5 sessions; $45.00; class size, max. 12

OK, so it's not a local University and it is just a 'basic' course but I am already looking forward to sharing information in this course every Tuesday evening in March. I was going to start posting the series on the "Art of Photography'" this week but I will now postpone it for several weeks as I rework and re-write for the course.

Anyway, looking forward to teaching and meeting new friends.

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