Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mall on Fire

Sometimes days just go like that. My wife calls me up and asks where my afternoon meeting is supposed to be. When I ask why she's asking she tells me the Mall is on fire! So I grab my camera and head out . . .

Driving up to the Town Centre Mall in Tsawwassen British Columbia you could see smoke from a fair distance away. I could hear sirens and I even spotted a helicopter in the sky. Arriving at the mall I quickly parked and headed to the action.

Smoke was already everywhere and firefighters were already hard at work.

Check out the glass like ripples just above the flames.

Heading back into the action.

With the British Columbia Provincial Elections coming around, even our local Liberal Candidate past Attorney General Wally Oppal was on hand campaigning.

By this point smoke was everywhere and I was inhaling some of it.

The police were on hand to help with crowd control.

This last photo I took on the way out as I had to go to a meeting I had scheduled. While shooting I did have a run in with a Fire Chief. He didn't want me taking photos. He even threatened to call the police over. I invited him to call them and told him I would be at the front by the police and that they could just wait for me there.

This Fire Chief showed up 15 or 20 minutes later but by then there were two other photographers with me and when I pointed him out to the photographers, he was a little more polite.

I will dedicate a whole blog on this incident and photographers rights in Canada in the future. For now I hope you enjoyed the images.

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