Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photography Classes

Well, aside from having the busiest February/March and most of April ever with my business I did manage to teach a five part course entitled 'Introduction to Digital Photography'. The course was offered through a local college every Tuesday evening in March. The classes were two hours each.

Classes were filled to capacity and turnout was great. Aside from the required two hours work on Tuesday evenings the most work was writing and organizing the curriculum for the course. The course covered a quick History of Photography, Photography Basics, Composition and then Hands On with the Cameras. We did not cover any Transferring, Manipulation, or Printing of Images as that was being covered in another class in April by another instructor.

Wow, what a lot of work that was! Most people that know me know I like to do a good job at whatever I do and trying my best to do a good job of teaching 18 Students all about Photography in a short 10 Hour class was extremely difficult. A lot of time was spent sorting and arranging all the material and making sure it covered all the basics and necessary information took even more time.

Finally compiling all the material into Presentations took many hours. All in all I learned a lot myself during the process but mostly learned to appreciate the work that goes into teaching in such a formal structured manner. My hats off to teachers everywhere.

At the end of the day I had a good time and enjoyed teaching the class. I had taught one hour, four hour and full day classes before but mostly in informal sessions. This challenged me greatly and I already have started planning for 'next time'.

The students were all appreciative of the class and my efforts and were all very complimentary. I hope the students enjoyed the classes as much as I did.

Tomorrow evening I will be giving a presentation on "The Photographer on the Web" for the North Shore Photographic Society at the Silk Purse in North Vancouver. This presentation is based on some of the material I have posted on this site:

The Photographer on the Web - Introduction

The Silk Purse site is: SilkPurse.ca

As with the other class, I am looking forward to showing this presentation. For those of you that have ever though about helping out in this way, I highly recommend you try it.

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