Sunday, April 5, 2009

Virus Issues (Previous Post Update)

Fauzan commented on the post and asked if I knew that there were fake Antivirus programs out there.

Yes, there are many Fake Anti Virus and Anti Spyware programs out there that are themselves Viruses or Spyware. Some are worse and will Hi-jack and steal all your documents and then ask you for money to get them back. There are a few others that will not let you run your computer properly without paying them first.

If you get such Hi-Jacking type software, get professional help. DO NOT pay the $79.99 or $40.00 even if you are rich or think that paying $40.00 is an easy solution to your problems. It's not the $79.99 they want, they want your VISA or MASTER CARD number!!

A Recent update is that the newest updates of Kaspersky pics up all the problems. Kaspersky is free for 30 days and works great. Also, If you run the Kaspersky you will not need to run STOPzilla. Give it a try.

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  1. Viruses are replicating programs that infect computers usually through file transfers, file sharing, emails or even through the use of the humble USB Flash Drive. The main goal of viruses is to cause disruption to the use of your computer by displaying cryptic messages on your screen, corrupting other programs and in some cases deletion of your valuable data. Virus can be removed by Run Rkill, Trust but Verify. The solution of this is to maintain back up of your data, thanks.

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