Monday, September 28, 2009

Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket
product highlight by Francois Cleroux
***** 5 Gold Star Award Winner

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The Perfect Memory Card Carrier. I used this excellent well designed and well made Memory Card Wallet for my eight Compact Flash Cards that I brought along on my recent trip to Nova Scotia and PEI. This exceptional Card Wallet worked like a charm because of its great design.

It holds 10 CF Cards each in their own area. The see thru compartments allow for flipping the CF card around if it has been filled or used. The see thru compartments also allow for quickly viewing your cards if you like labeling them with numbers or other markings. By attaching the strap to clothing like a belt loop (or belt) and keeping the unit in your pocket. It is kept safe out of harm’s way and yet, kept in the safety of your pocket with a safety line.

The great Velcro closure strip allows for one handed opening of the wallet and then the design un-folds and naturally stays “upright” so cards cannot fall out. Once open, again a single hand can quickly insert a used memory card and quickly grab a new one to insert back into your camera. Finally the unit can be easily folded and put back away in the safety of your pocket. You can also just leave the wallet dangle from a belt or an accessory loop on a pack or camera case.

The Pixel Pocket Rocket also sports a see thru Business Card Holder that serves as an Identification Tag. There is also a baby version of this unit available in Red called the Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket. Like all other Think Tank Products this wallet is very well made and comes with a lifetime warranty.This is one of my favorite products of 2009.

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