Sunday, February 7, 2010

Updated Albums

Time always changes everything. A while back I worked with some nice Lightroom 2 Web Templates and thought I had found what I was looking for. There is a plethora of Free and Commercial templates available and, free or paid for, there are good ones and bad ones.

After working with several different templates including the built in ones I was having problems with one thing or another or having difficulties adapting the template to my workflow. After doing some research I tried a paid template thinking it would be much better but alas, no, it was not to be.

Some more reading and research and voila! I have found a great Template/Site Package that is very adaptable and the visuals are very nice. I have updated the Albums Links on this page to this new template. Please check them out.


I have added some photos but most of these are un-edited and in some cases not the right ones but you will get to see some new photos in all categories.

Now that I have found the right template and the ‘basic’ workings have created and posted, I will now need to go through my images to decide which to post. I will also need to add Titles and Descriptions to each of the chosen images. These Titles, Captions and some Meta Data will appear in the Album.

This new package will allow me to create a more complete package with both Albums and Galleries. This will allow me to create different sections within each album. ie. I can break up the Birds album in Raptors and other varieties.

This package will also allow me to add customer feedback screens, contact information and other ‘Photographer’ specific pages. So far I have been impressed with the package, the price (yes it’s a commercial template) and the Manuals. Note that the manuals however are not aimed at beginners that have never created any sort of web page before.

Having said that, the trial and error method works very well. To get on the web with this type of template you will need a Domain Name, a Web Site Hosting company, Access via FTP to HTTPS with your Name and Password. You will need to understand these principles and understand Directory Structures.

I will reveal the name of this package shortly, keep an eye out!

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