Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vancouver Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are just around the corner in that it will be starting this weekend but also in that it physically was just around the corner from my home in the way of the Olympic Torch Relay. I was asked by a fellow photographer to help him capture images of the first relay runner to start running in Tsawwassen. I had already planned to capture some of the moments and had planned on being at the run today already so it was easy.
 _MG_6545Lighting the Torch

After getting all my gear ready, checked it twice and setup the cameras, I headed to the start line. I had already planned my day and parked my car strategically so that after the start I could get back in the car and drive to another location where the relay would go by a second time.

CleoAn Olympic Fan “Cleo”

Here are a few of the photos which I have posted in the Olympics Album also. I will post more later today and will post photos from other events in the next two weeks.

_MG_6663 Canada waiting for the Torch carrier

I did also get to hold the torch today. That was kinda cool! My Olympic moment as it were!

_MG_6686Me with the Torch (Photo GordK) 

The sun was shinning, it was about 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. No snow on the mountains but we had snow on the street. One local merchant trucked in some snow to line their sidewalk and parking area to give it that winter look. Nothing like the storms back east.

More Olympic moments and photo to come.

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