Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late Fall Photography and the Weather

Late fall travels can be a great time for photography but it also has it’s drawbacks. The largest of these can be the weather. I will discuss more drawbacks later but for now lets tackle some weather issues.

We had done some traveling in and around Cape Breton for several days and we did have a lot of off and on rain, mostly on. We were prepared for this as we both had our warm clothes, our Vancouver wet weather Gore-Tex parkas and pants and some waterproof hiking boots. If you are warm and dry, cold and rain are OK.

To keep my camera gear dry I use a LowePro AW-300 SlingShot All Weather Bag that has a built in Rain Cover and for my camera when I am shooting I use the Kata E-702 Large Rain Cover. I have previously posted an article on Rain Covers here: Shoot In the Rain with the Right Rain Gear.

Cape Breton Hillside Photographed in the Rain
With a lot of rain in Cape Breton and some very heavy wind-blown rain in St. Pierre and Miquelon, the Kata rain cover performed exceptionally well. Since my last review I have changed my camera strap to the excellent Black Rapid RS7 over the shoulder strap and the rain cover worked great with this new strap also. I still stand by my rave reviews of both the Black Rapid Strap and the Kata Rain Cover. Both excellent products.

So I mentioned that late fall can be good. Yes cold and wet but good nonetheless.  For starters the lighting is different this time of the year and it can add warmth to Landscape images. The early setting of the sun can also be advantageous. The fall colours of course are only available this time of the year and if it happens to be wet with good lighting it can make for exceptional colours. If you can catch wet leaves with some sunlight it will add another dimension to your image. Shooting on stormy days can also be a bonus! Always take advantage of whatever is thrown at you. Early snow fall? Bring it on!

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