Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pole Adapter

Since my post on the Magazine cover I have had several inquiries about how I took a self portrait from above so high.

Basically, the camera was mounted onto a pole and the pole is attached to the tripod head and extended about 25 feet or so. The pole I use is a standard painters/window washer's 40 foot fibreglass pole.

The hand grip is on the ground with a sand bag over it to keep it firmly down. About 5 feet up it is attached to the top of my tripod using a super clamp and at the end of the pole to attach to the camera I use a great little adapter made by Kacey Enterprises (

The adapter I used was the 'Kacey Pole Adapter' which is a very well made machined aluminum adapter that just screws onto the paint pole end. The other end of this adapter is designed for a standard Flash Head but using another adapter I can attach a Camera. All triggered wirelessly.

Now, Kacey has created a new adapter specifically for cameras called the 'DSLR Camera Paint Pole Adapter' which is better suited and will connect directly to a pole and a standard tripod head.

I like the one I have for Flash Heads and Umbrellas as that was why I purchased the adapter in the first place, but since creating that self portrait I have a few other ideas and will now order the actual DSLR Adapter... more photos to come.

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