Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Workshop at Vancouver Photo Workshops

Exibition and Critique 12 Week Course

Photoshop Workshop Image

Vancouver Photo Workshops proudly announces our newest fine-art photography course with acclaimed local Photographer Katie Huisman.
Photography is an exciting way of seeing & sharing your vision with your audience.

‘Exhibition & Critique’ focuses on concept development & critique while working toward having a successful group exhibition.

Lectures and Gallery Visits will help connect you to the local Vancouver art scene.
Exhibition & Critique will support you in recognizing and developing your visual integrity as an artist & give you the opportunity to exhibit your work in a successful group exhibition at a local art gallery.

Exhibition and Critique - Detailed Course Agenda:
Class 1 Lecture – Introductions, Workshop outline, Goals & History Lecture
Class 2 Critique – Each artist must bring a collection of 10-20 images / 4 by6'" proof prints for critique and be prepared to discuss their work, sources of inspiration, conceptual ideas & visual integrity.
Class 3 Composition / Design Lecture – Rules and breaking rules of compositional elements and design, including color theory, how composition and design matter with image interplay when developing a body of work.
Class 4 Concept Development / Gallery Submission Guidelines – Concept development worksheet, writing an Artist Statement, Curriculum Vitae and Bio. Researching different types of galleries and other venues for contemporary artwork.
Class 5 Gallery Visit 1
Class 6 Guest Lecturer - Lynn Ruschiensky
Class 7 Post production / Presentation Workshop - File sizing for prints will be discussed along with any other post-production questions, presentation & installation methods for the exhibition will be researched and discussed.
Class 8 Gallery Visit 2
Class 9 Artist Statement Writing Workshop – each artist must bring exhibition
Considerations & Rough draft of artist statement pertaining to the body of
work proposed for exhibition.
Class 10 Final Critique & Artist Statement Review
Class 11 Installation
Class 12 Exhibition Night

Notes from Francois: Although this is a great workshop for those that are serious about their art and want to get involved in the art and exhibition world, this is a great way to tune into your own work and to take your images to the next level. This course is actually starting on September 15th (Website is incorrect showing the 8th) so there is still time to register and it's a great value. See you there.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Workshop - Introduction to Digital Photography

Starts September 12th!!

An Introduction to Digital Photography

Learn more about your digital camera and how to use it effectively. This course will introduce basic camera terminology, demonstrate how to use 'all those buttons', and how to take better pictures through the understanding of the art of photography, exposure, composition and lighting. You will also learn what factors to consider when purchasing a new digital camera and have opportunities to ask questions about photos you bring to class with a view to improving your own artistic efforts. A DSLR is recommended but a Point and Shoot will do. Also a great class to take before buying a new DSLR Camera. (Beginners to Intermediate)

Workshop Outline
  • A Brief History of Photography
  • Light and Colour
  • Apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISOs
  • Depth of Field
  • Exposure
  • Art & Composition
  • Creative Consequences
  • The Camera
  • Sensors and Mega Pixels
  • File Formats (RAW vs. JPG)
  • Camera Types
  • Lenses & Accessories
  • Flash
  • Hands On with Your Camera
This course does not cover any aspects of Digital Workflow or File Management on the computer.
You can benefit greatly by having your camera’s user manual. Please bring it along to the third class. Lost it? Most manuals can be found on the Internet for free!
***An Outing session may be offered on of Saturday November 5th or Sunday November 6th depending on weather.

Presenter: Francois Cleroux
6 sessions; $50.00
Mondays; September 12th, 19th, 26th and October 17th, 24th, 31st. ***An Outing session may be offered on of Saturday November 5th or Sunday November 6th depending on weather.

Tsawwassen Alliance Church 7:30 pm.

E-mail: francois@eyesonphoto.com to reserve your seat. Seating is limited.

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