Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk

Today 23 people met in Ladner to head out on Scott Kelby's 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk in the beautiful BC sunshine. The photo walk started at the River House Pub. The walk brought us down some fairly mundane paths along the Fraser River, along a Marina and into a conservation area and two hours later back to the River House Pub. The walk along the marina was fairly dull as the boardwalk and river banks were mostly made up of fresh broken up rock and gravel. Even the conservation area was a relatively new forested area with very little flora diversity.

As a bird photographer I made sure I brought out my 400mm lens on this trip but all for naught. The area I live in and where this walk took place, Delta, is a heaven for birds of all sorts and so I assumed we would see some. Except for a few seagulls and a lone male Mallard duck, there was little else. Someone thought they saw a Grebe go under some bushes but when we looked down at the water and where we were we thought is was more likely a rat.

During the walk several people came to me and commented that this was not a great are for shooting. Parts of old Ladner are excellent as are the old docks and fisheries along the Ladner boardwalk. All have much more to offer photographers than what I saw along this path.

Having said that, this is the time to open your eyes, look around at this great world we live in, be creative and find or even make something to photograph. Several photographers on this walk are technically excellent photographers but may have found this task a rather difficult one. Others on the walk, have great artistic eyes and I know they will have come up with some great shots. Here I have posted a few images (good or bad) that I took on this walk. I hope you enjoy them.

I did get my hopes up at one point thinking I may be able to capture that one shot. Near the boat launch at the marina I spotted two snakes! When I tried to capture one they made off. With gear in hand I wasn't going to give chase into the brush but it was nice seeing them. Oh well, perhaps next time.

We ended the walk at the River House Pub to stop for refreshments, I had an ice cold Stella, and some excellent food. It was my first time at this restaurant but loved the great and friendly service and the excellent food. Making a food decision was difficult but choose the apparently famous Chicken Pot Pie which my wife also opted for. It was superb! All the other food at the table looked great and everyone had great comments. Needless to say, we'll go back.

All in all it made for a great day, some shooting, two hours of walking (as opposed to working), some great food and some great company. I nice way to spend a Sunday.

You can always click on the images and see them larger.

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