Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Workshop - Blogging for Photographers

So I lead a new workshop tonight entitled "Blogging for photographers". This new workshop is designed to help introduce photographers to the world of Blogging or simply to the Internet if they have still been reluctant to create a site on the web.

Blogger, owned by Google is a great free tool for creating a Blog site (short for Web Log) or a PhotoBlog site or any type of site for that matter. Moreover, Google offers this as a free service. The power of using Blogger comes in various formats.

One; Blogger being a Google tool is integrated with GMail. If you have a GMail account (not required) you can sign into Blogger with your GMail account name and password.

Two; It is also integrated with Picasa. If any of you photographers out there do not know about Picasa, you should check this site out (also free). It provides on-line Galleries and basic photo editing. Having this tied into your Blogger site for easy updating of Galleries and Slide shows.

Three; Its very simple to use. They just recently updated the interface (two weeks ago I think) and the new interface is even easier to use than ever. Great templates that are customizable, some great Setup features, multi page setup, some excellent Gadgets and supports Flash and Java if you want to insert some custom code or widgets. Some great stats information is available and if you don't mind ads (your choice) you can use AdSense which will display ads but will create revenue for you. This site, is all done using Blogger.

Lastly, Its FREE! How much better than that can it get. And with AdSense generating some revenue, it better than free. I do not use AdSence as I do not want ads on my site. But I did check it out and know some bloggers that use it and they like it. If you don't mind the ads (you do get some control over them) its worth checking out. Of course, the more traffic your site gets the more revenues it will generate.

The workshop is mostly talking about getting an Internet presence, Blogging, Why Blog, Benefits of Blogging. I discuss other options like the excellent WordPress and other sites. Technical issues like Hosted or Self Hosted Blogs and integration with other Photography specific services like SmugMug, ZenFolio and NetShelter (which I use).

I cover topics such as the importance of Domain Names, .COMS versus other extensions and Domain Prefixes and Sub Domains including a basic intro to IP Addresses and DNS Servers. I talk about and recommend Registrars and Host Providers.

Throughout the evening I discuss marketing, publicity and other factors that can affect your site and your business. After all, its all about making money, or at the very least drawing viewers in to see your work!

Tonight we had a group of about 30 to 35 people and during the evening many excellent questions were asked. This is probably the most involved I have ever seen the Delta Photo Club members. Afterwards, I had many complements and I fielded a ton more questions.

It was a great evening and I think at least a few people learned something.

Most of the material covered this evening is typed out and I will be posting it here as a post soon. There is also a hand out. Please go to the Workshops page and download the PDF. Is has a bit of information and some links. I did notice some mistakes and obmitted links. I will fix it in the next few days.

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