Tuesday, September 4, 2012

iPad Apps Update

I have added two new Apps to the 'Top Non-Photography iPad Apps' list.

15) Line2 (9.95/mth) - (NEW) A lot of people wish their iPad was Phone Enabled. Well, with Line2 you turn your iPad into a full-fledged phone complete with voice mail and text messaging. As an added bonus you also get to choose the Area Code you want. I chose a Montreal 514 Area Code so that people in Montreal can call me locally without long distance.

So far the sound quality has been good over Wi-Fi. Will need to try and report back on how it is over 3G or LTE connections.

16) FieldRunners2 (2.99) - (NEW) I have added a second game to the list. Perhaps Angry Birds should be on this list as it is a great game. However it is a game I have not gotten into. I did find a new jewel of a game that got me addicted for a time called FieldRunners2.

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