Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photographers iPad Apps - 1 of 3

Here is my first installment in my on-going series of iPad Applications. This is part 1 of 3 in the Photography Specific Applications. Like the Non-Photography Specific Applications, this will be an on-going and evolving project and newer and better apps are created and updated. 

As I write this new post about apps that will specifically help the photographer, I have already found new general apps (and games) that are excellent. I will write about them later but for now, I have been using CrossCheck (a different kind of Project, To-Do, Checklist, Organizer that works very well), ACTPrinter (which, allows you to print from your Workstation to your iPad) and FlipBoard (which gathers some of the best News Web Content in various subjects that you choose and shows it to you in one easy to use application). Since my last writing I have continued to use and still love AudioNotes.


I will break the iPad Photography Applications into different groups. Leading off is the Camera Section. There are various, no, numerous iPad Applications that you can use that allows you to 'take photos' with your iPad. Some are basic with simple to use settings, others give you more control of various settings like shutter speeds, some can be used to enhance images like HDR and Exposure Blending, Multi Images to enhance resolution and Automatic Stitching software. Yet, other camera apps allow you to get creative with filters and different looks.

MegaCamera HD - The built in camera is a s basic as you can get so the first thing I did when I acquired my iPad was to look for a better camera. The first one I found that I liked was MegaCamera HD. This application has several great features going for it. One, it allows you to shoot in higher resolution (using interpolation techniques) up to 16MP. In test I found ths works fairly well. Secondly, MegaCamera also allows you to do Image Stabilization. This works very well and you even have control of how much stabilization you want. It also has a timer built in. Lastly, it has various shooting modes beside the Standard which includes, Low Light, Light Paint, Dark Paint, Panorama 360, MultiExposure, Continous Shutter and TimeLapse Modes! Well written and works well.

Pro Camera - Also this is a very basic camera app it has a Heads Up Diplay (HUD) that allows you to Lock the Exposure, White Balance (WB) and Focus. This in turn gives you better control while photographing your subjects. It also includes a timer.

8mm HD - For Video I love this application. It is designed to reproduce the 8mm films of old including different framing options, different film looks and even a jitter control. Works very well and is fun to use.

Hipstamatic - For a fun simple camera with some funky post processing controls, try Hipstamatic. It has become trendy and has its own following kind of like the Holga crowds. They have a web site and even an on-line magazine where you can submit images. Un-fortunately the Post Processing requires Log In and so doesn't work when off-line. This App sells you a life-style rather than just a camera.

PhotoSynth - This is a camera that aids you in creating Panorama or larger Stitched images buy guiding you along. It works well when outdoors in larger areas but has its problems in smaller tight spaces.

Vintique - Vintique is a basic camera with great post processing capabilities and another twist. Right after you shoot you image, it brings you to a crop tool that allows you to precisely adjust the crop of your image. Once that is decided you can then do tons of processing adjusting exposure, colors, WB, and so on and then you can apply a variety of Filters and Effects including adding Frames. Once you have completed you image you have the ability to sahre your images in a variety of ways. Great little app.


Again the iPad comes with a basic album called Photos that lets you view photos that are on your iPad and it allows you to display them and organize them into groups. It also allows you to synchronize images with folders on your computer which is a great feature. It allows you to Share your images on-line and you can GeoTag images so you can view images based on Loction.

The issue I have with the app is that it gets organized in one way with all the images on your laptop available. If, you want to share images with a client, you may not want them to see all those photos. So, some sort of 'portfolio' type application is required.

Albums - Albums allows you to create Accounts, based on Names or you can make the Accounts 'Album Names' or 'Project Names'. Each Account can be password protected with a different password making it easy to hand it to a client, tell them which account(s) to go ito and you can give them the passord or you can log in for them. If you need to step away, you can rest easy knowing they will not go and look at other peoples images. Albums also allows you to Rate Images and you can create Smart Albums based on Ratings but also on other Meta Data. Nicely implemented, works well.

Pad Folio - This is by far my favorite based on looks. This app is fairly basic. It lets you create basic portfolios where you can set the default home page image for hat portfolio. From the home page you can access any of the portfolios. One nice feature is the built in business card where you can quickly e-mail a client your contact information. Simple with good looks.

So these are the basics. I will have editing software in instalment 2 and photographers utilities in instalment 3. Just like the iPad Apps blog, if you know of any excellent apps or don't agree with my choices, let me know. Do you know a better app that I did not mention, let me know. Note that I try a bunch and then choose the ones that work best and will not select some if they have problems even if they are very good. If and when they fix their problems I may add them to the list. Your input is always appreciated.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

11 Papers, 3 Languages!

So the exhibition (invite in blog below) started and it quickly garnered a lot of attention. I and the Exhibition has been mentioned in 11 different newspapers in 3 different languages in the first 2 days.

Some of these clippings show some of the students excellent work. A congratulations goes out to all the students, their teacher Navneet Saxena and Vivek High School!

I have already been invited to travel to Paris and Vienna next year to teach a workshop there where I can continue to mentor these excellent students. 

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