Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Euro Tour Day 01 - Frankfurt Germany

So the day did not start well. When boarding my Delta Airlines plane in Vancouver I was told that my luggage would be delivered directly to Frankfurt and that I would not need to care for it until my arrival. My flight had a scheduled stop over where I was not supposed to change planes. Upon our first stop I was to the plane would no longer be going to Frankfurt but rather we would need to disembark and change “Equipment” as they stated. So, on to a new plane to Frankfurt.

After some time waiting by the carrousel I noticed I was the only one left standing around. No luggage in site. Off to the Airport lost luggage office to put in a claim.

“No problem they said, what airline did you come in with?”

“Delta Airlines.”

“Oh, all their systems are down so we can not look it up on their systems. But, we have another system we can look at."

"It shows your bag is in Amsterdam. Thats common, Americans don't know the difference between Amsterdam and Frankfurt. They will get it here later today, perhaps.”

So cab ride to the hotel to check in. And some sleep, I need some sleep.

When I wake up I ask myself, Now what? No toothpaste or brush, no change of clothes after a long flight. I had been told I can buy what I need and Delta Airlines would pay for the bills. So for a walk and shopping I go, underwear, clean shirt, toiletries, water, oh and I need my medications.

It turns out you cant buy Aspirin or Zantac in stores that look like common North American drug stores like London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and the like, you must go to a “Pharmacy”. Thats all they are, they don't sell anything else, just drugs. Oh, and it turns out the one I chose doesn't take credit cards. I asked about the cards and if it was common in Germany.

“Oh not common, just our chain doesn't take credit cards”

So I pay cash and head out Ranitidin in hand.

A attractive young lady approaches me and says she over heard me asking about the credit card thing. She explained in good english with a real German accent,

“Oh, its fairly common for stores not to take credit cards, specially if the total is under 10 or 20 Euros.”

Thanks I said. She throws me a big smile and says “have a nice day”. Well that helps.

Throughout the day I found a familiar Starbucks. And yes, they have free Wi-Fi. So, Iced Latte (Its 95 degrees outside) and a nice table and Internet. I checked my mail and then tested my toll free line and made a Wi-Fi Phone Call using the great iPad app, Line 2 to my wife. All good. I had already setup a Rogers Cellular Europe package with 200 minutes talk, 50MB Data and FREE incoming calls. Now when its convenient and when I have Internet I can also call out for free!

I was hoping to get out and shoot some landmarks and the Main River at night, but oops, no tripod, its in the suitcase.

I'm typing this now using my iPad at a great Iris pub called Four Corners enjoying a pint of Guinness. A better ending to the day, but still without luggage!

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(Version 1.00 - June 2013)

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