Sunday, June 23, 2013

Euro Tour 02 - Frankfurt Germany

So late in the evening yesterday the hotel received a call stating that my luggage would arrive this morning at 10:00 am.

So I headed out at 7:30 am to find Breakfast and coffee. The streets were very busy with hustle and bustle. Lots of cyclists. Throughout yesterday and my breakfast and coffee this morning I have made some observations about the German peoples. Obviously they are generalizations but I did continue my observations for the rest of the day. I have decided the german people are a beautiful people and that they are very fit. In my first day and a half I did not observe one obese person (yes a few overweight people but not very large) and when I did finally see one, the person was actually an American!

Lots of Bicycles! They are everywhere and their riders just like their automotive driving habits tend to not stop for anyone. In my first day and a half I spotted two pedestrians get run over by bicycles and several very close calls. Just like Vancouver cyclists I found many ride on the pedestrian areas as opposed to the designated cycling paths. I saw many cyclists flipping other people the bird when in fact the problems were the cyclists. I hope this is not where Vancouver is headed!

I also made several other observations; one I saw many many people in crutches. Not sure what that was all about. Not crutches for disabled people but a lot of sprained, strained or broken feet or ankles. Perhaps from cycling injuries or perhaps from the many cobblestoned streets that have missing cobblestones, holes or very un-even areas that I see people tripping over.

The second thing I noticed is there were many (not a lot but more than I ever see in Canada) disabled people with deformed arms, limbs and specifically hands but they were ALL people of Middle-Eastern descent. Not sure why that is but will look into it. Interesting.

Third I noticed that the German people were very active, lots of joggers and a lot of rollerbladers but found it odd that many, very many, are smokers.

So on this day I did not bring a camera, I just walked around, relaxed and observed. I still had to keep in contact with Delta Airlines, the airport lost baggage department and the hotel as I still had not received my lost luggage. Worst by 12:15 pm (remember the 10:00 am promise) I was told that they did not know where my luggage was or if or when I may get it. So in anticipation of perhaps lost luggage and knowing I have a tour starting, I had to go do more shopping.

In the afternoon I did bring my camera and did do some shopping and late in the afternoon I received a call and that they had my luggage and that they could not deliver it as they did not have the address to the Hotel. Its odd that they knew which Hotel I was at (obviously from the form I filled in) but not the address (also on the form). I did not have the address with me so I headed to the hotel to get the address. Five minutes later I'm back at the hotel and I'm greeted by reception and I'm told my luggage has arrived? Yep, its there!

Half an hour later I get a call from the lost luggage people following up because I had not called them to tell them the address and they needed it if I wanted it delivered! Amazing. And once I were to give them the address that it could take up to 48 hours for me to get my luggage.

"Its OK, I have my luggage I said, It was delivered a little while ago."

So, I am obviously not a big fan of Delta Airlines. This story is not complete but rather much longer with many other little problems with Delta AIrlines and the contracted company in charge of lost luggage. But, at least I have my luggage! And, my party from Chandigarh has arrived.
We walked to the Main River to "scope" out things; the lighting and the location of the Sun in relation to the main Cityscape and where to best shoot from when it gets dark. Along the way we noticed many locals drinking beer bottle in hand.

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