Friday, August 1, 2014

Not All Batteries are Created Equal!

I've been using Energizer Batteries. and nothing but Energizer Batteries for so many years now I had forgotten why I only used that brand. Until recently that is.

Years ago (mid to late 80's) before I retired from photography I used portable flashes all the time. Although the cost of the batteries was a concern, having batteries that lasted a long time was ultimately more important. I ran many tests on many batteries back then and decided that the best bang for the buck was the Energizer Batteries. Later, something else confirmed that those were the batteries I should be using.

I know battery technology has come a long way since then, but I've never changed from my "stick with Energizer" mantra I have always spoken. Some of you may know that I have just moved in the last week. a week before the move however, a clock on the wall had stopped working. So I decided to change the batteries. I took the clock off the wall and it contained two Duracell batteries. They had leaked!! I haven't had a set of batteries leak in over 25 years. I didn't think much about it and cleaned the contacts and put some new Energizer Batteries in and the clock started again.

Shot with my iPhone

While packing my photography gear getting ready for the move, I grabbed my LED Video Light which uses 6 AA batteries. Some of the batteries had leaked. They were Duracell batteries. This annoyed me and remembering the clock batteries I wondered why I even had Duracell batteries. Then I remembered we need some when we were in the U.S. and all they had at Costco was Duracell and their own house brand batteries. So I had opted for the better ones. I carefully cleaned it all up and used some water and then let it dry properly. Again I replaced the batteries with Energizer Batteries. I remembered however other than a quick ON and OFF I had never used the batteries at all. The clock batteries had been drained, these should of been brand new. I also noted the dates on them, they should have been good for many more years. I wondered if that "batch" of batteries were bad.

The very next day I delivered a high end Logitech cordless mouse to a clients office. When I opened up the package it contained two Duracell Batteries. They were in a plastic wrapped two pack. They had leaked!! And not only had they leaked but when I picked up the still sealed package, some fairly wet liquid got onto my hands?? Not sure what is was, but I disposed of them and washed my hands. Obviously not a bad batch.

Then I remembered! That was why I stopped using Duracell batteries in the 80's. They used to always leak. Well, nothing has changed. If you find you have had batteries leak on you, please tell me. What brand were they? Duracell, Energizer or some cheap brand? Let me know.

In the meantime I do recommend the Energizer Batteries. If you need longer lasting and lightweight, try the Energizer Lithium Batteries!

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