Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New Personal Edict

So I need my first flashlight since moving to the new house and it didn't work. Nothing! No light. This is an LED flashlight that is new and barely used. I do use it at my desk but not often and not for long.

But, no problems. The batteries are dead. This happens. I unscrew the cap off the flashlight and there it is!! Another leaked battery. And, lo and behold, its a Duracell battery. Not only is it a Duracell but obviously its not very old its good till 2023.

This flashlight came with this battery.

This flashlight is a fairly high end CREE light that is very bright. But having said that it led me to thinking that perhaps there may be fake Duracell's out there. So I did a little research and found out that there are a TON of fake Duracell's out there. So much so that there are many warnings posted on the web:


In the link above you can see many various fake Duracell's. Doing more research you find that many of the fakes are 'identical' and they cannot be differentiated from the real Duracell's. There is talk of fake Duracell's being sold in common large brand department stores.

So, with no way of knowing real from fake, and with even real one's seeming to have leaking problems; I've decided to not only never purchase Duracell's again, but if I get Duracell Batteries with a product I purchase, I will replace them with Energizer batteries.

Another issue I have is this; here on Amazon there appears to be some fake Duracell's:


If these were actually fake, one phone call from an on staff Lawyer at Duracell would have those removed from the Amazon store. So either, they are real, or Duracell doesn't care in protecting consumers from these crappy batteries. Perhaps they are thinking as long as people are buying "Duracell's", any Duracell, real or fake, it is better than having them purchase the competitions batteries.

A Note on fakes and other Languages: If you look on the battery in the photo you'll see some Chinese writing on it. Some people think anything with Arabic, Chinese, Japanese (there must be other languages) must be fake. Duracell makes batteries for sale in all these different countries including Belgium and thus has those languages on it. I could not find a source stating what are all the countries that make real Duracell's ie where are all the Duracell Factories but I did find this about American Made Duracell's.


I also found that the made in China Duracell's apparently get into the U.S. market via way of Canada. Apparently these batteries also have the French on them. I'm thinking perhaps those are for the African market but that's just a guess.

For now what I will do is this;

1)  I will no longer buy Duracell's except in the event of an Emergency where no other brands are available. And even then I may not.

2)  I will further investigate Canadian Duracell's and will try to find the source of Canadian Duracell's. I will purchase several packs from large retail stores and see if I can find differences and will report further.

3)  I will write a letter to Procter & Gamble (parent company) and will ask for clarification on Fake Batteries, where they have factories (other countries) and why they do not put an end to fakes on Amazon.com and other Retailers.

If I get a response I will post it here also.

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