Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pre Windows 10 Upgrade Recommendation

Backup, Backup, Backup

Before you even think about upgrading to Windows 10 make sure you have a good valid backup. The two important parts here are BACKUP, make sure you have one, and VALID, make sure its works, its current, and actually has all the data you want and need including new stuff you may have installed since you last ran your backup. Often, new programs place new data  in directories other than MY DOCUMENTS and that data may not be backed up.

I always recommend having two (2) complete backups and so before doing an upgrade it may be a good time to purchase an external Hard Drive to do a brand new backup. You may opt for a full system backup so you can recover your system to its current state if the Windows 10 upgrade goes completely awry. You should also do a manual second backup copying all you data; MY DOCUMENTS, PICS, VIDS, FAVORITES, MAIL, SIGNATURES, CONTACTS and anything else you have including any folders that may have data files like the usual special folders people create in the root of C: Drive including files on your DESKTOP. Read the rest of the article here....