Sunday, October 25, 2015

Looking at Images by Brooks Jensen

Looking at Images by Brooks Jensen
So I'm always on the lookout for books that will help my judging and critiquing skills. I have found a few good ones in the past year that I will be posting here soon. However, just the other day I was with the Darkroom Group and someone showed this great new book titled "Looking at Images" by Brooks Jensen. I was so enamoured by the few pages I read I bought the book when I got home.

Brooks is the owner, editor and publisher of LensWork Magazine and an excellent photographer and instructor. He has been publishing his Magazine for over 20 years now and his years of experience selecting top quality B&W images shows. There are some excellent color images in this book also.

In this book Brooks hand selected top images from his years with LensWork Magazine and he dedicates a page or so of Notes and Commentary on each image. This commentary is amongst the most insightful, descriptive, well thought out and well spoken commentary I have ever read. As a judge, I can only aspire to be as thoughtful and well versed as he his. His language selection and photographic vocabulary is impeccable and a pleasure to read.

The Commentary is not only a great learning tool for Judges but even as a photographer striving to get better as an artist, his teachings are invaluable. One of the best books in some time! Currently only available from the LensWork web site at 

Author:          Brooks Jensen
Publisher:       LensWork Publishing

Book Link:      Looking at Images
Retail:            $34.95 US

This book and others can be found in the Library Section. Thanks Judy for introducing me to this great book!

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