Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Todays Desk

In this ever changing world of ours with the Internet making working from anywhere a reality I find that what acts as my desk and my office changes often. I will work from home at one of my two desks but on occasion I find I will work from the boardroom (photo above) or from the Living Room. I have even worked outside a few mornings in the summer months to enjoy the sun and eagles that inhabit a tree nearby while enjoying that first cup of coffee.

As I travel my desk and office become my space, what little there is of it, on the plane, or in the hotel. More often however when at home or travelling I make a local Restaurant or Coffee shop my desk for a few hours. I did post on Facebook my desk one day when I was at Starbucks in Kerrisdale for a summer afternoon and I realised I loved my job partly because my desk IS ever changing.

My desk looks tidy today, but often it is a little more ruffled and sometimes just a disaster. Either way, its my desk, my office. My coffee. I have decided to document my workspace as I travel and move about the city and will document it here. I will see if anything come of the collection of images that will be created. What does your workspace look like? Does it move around or are you always at the same desk? How have you personalized your desk to make it your'space'? I'd love to hear from you!

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