Thursday, November 19, 2015

Introduction to Lightroom - New Class Added and Scheduled - Exporting & The Print Module

Exporting & The Print Module

Many Lightroom users want to learn to make fine art prints, but don’t want to learn Photoshop to do so. This class will teach you how to use Lightroom’s Print Module to create high quality art images that are suitable for the gallery wall. Topics covered will include: crafting fine art images, using plug-ins, image layout options, colour management, soft proofing, a discussion on printer and monitor profiling and calibration, working with special paper profiles and package printing. More info and class information below . . .

About the Introduction to Lightroom Series of Courses

Do you have a lot of images to manage? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is the perfect tool for any digital photographer who needs to edit and sort images quickly. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned professional, Lightroom CC will help you get the results you need in a lot less time.

In these courses, you'll learn how Lightroom CC can help you prepare, edit, and organize your photos quickly and effectively. Using Lightroom CC's non-destructive editing, you'll be able to control how to edit your images and make additional enhancements later. You'll learn to apply changes to multiple images while developing an efficient image processing workflow. You'll also see how to organize, tag, and make collections with Lightroom's powerful organization tools; create customized slideshows and presentations; and fine-tune the overall color and lighting of your images. You can use Lightroom CC as a companion to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or other digital photo editors, and you can export or print your work in exactly the size or format you need.

We will also cover some new features found in Lightroom CC and will discuss the benefits of moving over to Lightroom CC.

Intermediate and Advanced classes will delve further into the inner workings of Lightroom and its modules. They will introduce you to Templates and Plug-ins and will introduce you to advanced printing techniques including ICC profiles.

Lightroom CC Extras will show you step by step how to create books and get an on-line presence, easily, all from within Lightroom.

So put some polish on your photos, save time, impress clients, and stay organized as you unlock the mysteries of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Creative Cloud.

Part 1 - The Library Module
Part 2 - The Develop Module
Part 3 - Exporting & the Print Module
Part 4 - Face Recognition, Slideshow, Print & Web Modules (Intermediate)
Part 5 - Catalog Management, Archiving Images & Catalogs, Backups (Advanced)

Part 3 - Exporting & the Print Module (New Class!)

Tuesday December 8th, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm in Ladner BC - Limited to 10 people
Limited Time Pricing at 50% Off - $20.00 | DPC Members $15.00
Contact Francois Cleroux to book a class or for further information.

Part 3 of “Introduction to Lightroom CC” will continue where Part 2 Left off with an emphasis on Exporting Images for Archive, Print, Web or E-mail and a Look at Printing and the Print Module including how to use ICC Profiles.

Including a closer look at:
• Exporting

Print Module
• Paper Types
• Settings
• Plug-ins
• Layout Options
• B&W and Color
• Colour & ICC Profiles
• Pakages
• Saving Print Files

There will be time for Q&A throughout the class.

About The Instructor

Francois Cleroux (MCAPA) is an award-winning photographer and International photography instructor. He has been teaching photography for more than 7 years.

A professional film photographer in the 80’s and now a Technology Information Specialist he has easily adapted to digital photography and now teaches digital editing and photography skills to students from around the world including India, Europe and more recently in New York.

Francois continues his traditional B&W film based photography and is exploring alternative photographic processes and is currently a member of the tabulaRASA artists collective.

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