Sunday, December 11, 2016

2017 Trends to follow, or not follow...

Trends are so cliché in photography. There are usually a few Trend Setters that are usually some of the professionals that by the time it has become a trend will have made some really good money with a particular look or style. As the trend washes down to the average photography community it gets so overdone that the look no longer has any special value. We have seen it with HDR, Spot Color, Bleach Bypass and on and on. Don't be a follower, be a leader.

Now I do not want to say there is no value in following Trends. You may have clients that want that 'trendy' look. So yes you can still make money from it. But more importantly, learning the new skills required to copy or replicate these trends is of great value. Learning to look at an image and to be able to recognize all the components that make it a specific style and then be able to map out a path to re-create that image or style is ultra valuable. Then, modifying it to blend in with your own style can make you a leader as opposed to a follower.

Are you a Judge? If you are a judge, you should check out and learn these trends. And when presented with these images and styles, don't say "Wow, how innovative" but rather recognize how they have been copied. How do they compare to some good examples of some of these trendy images you have researched? Score accordingly.

Here is an article on new upcoming trends. Watch how closely it will be copied in the next year. Whats interesting is that within 3 months these trends will already be passé and the originators of these trends will already have moved on....

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