About Francois Cleroux

"Gadget Guy" by Rhoda Brooks and Sharon Wright 2010
About the Photographer

I was born in Montreal Quebec Canada in 1962 and shortly after moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and was raised with English as a second language. From a young age I loved the arts. My wild imaginative art creations helped me win a Tru-View plastic camera that quickly sparked my interest in the world of photography. I continued art studies in Drawing, Sculpture, Pottery, Water Painting, Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting which lead to my first exhibit at the Presentation House Gallery when I was fifteen.

I was introduced to formal Photographic studies in senior High School where I remember walking up and down a full flight of stairs countless times, walking from the darkroom to my mentor and back to the darkroom until I had perfected my print and had finally won approval from him . This concept of ‘perfection’ has guided me to this day and influences everything I do. While in grade eleven I worked for some local newspapers including the Province newspaper and by the end of grade twelve I had also photographed for the Vancouver Sun, several magazines and for the BC Lions and the Vancouver White Caps professional sports clubs.

After High School I moved on to the world of fashion doing work for several large international clothing manufacturers. I retired from photography after working for Minolta Canada for the 1986 World EXPO and continued to do some photography for three more years doing volunteer work with the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Sierra Club and several other wildlife organizations.

"My Little Planet" Self Portrait, Westham Island, BC, Canada
After not owning a camera for 18 years, I purchased my first digital camera in November 2008 before embarking on a trip to Australia. I returned to the world of photography at that time and I have not looked back since. Upon my return I made a conscious decision not to do any work or take on any jobs with my photography but rather to use photography as a means to get back into the world of art and creativity.

I have embarked in this new journey and have spent the last five years studying art and photography and my personal and artistic self which has guided me in the creation of numerous artistic projects including my most recent works “Prussian Nudes” which has me experimenting with the old world Cyanotypes. This is a lead-in project where I will explore the creation of hand crafted Salt Prints in another exciting project.

During that time I have held the position of President and Past President of the Delta Photo Club and have become a CAPA trained and Certified Judge. I also lecture and teach various photography Classes and Workshops. In 2014 I started an Artists Group called Tabula Rasa.

Photographer's Statement
"Nature represents an inexhaustible source of beauty and inspiration in its Plants, Animals, People and the Earth itself. These incredulous marvels are what drive me.

The miles flown by the small Artic Tern can equal three trips to the moon and back in its lifetime. Argentinian Ants that exist on every continent except Antarctica are considered one large colony. They destroy every other type of ant and most other insects they find, yet, when these Argentinian Ants are brought back together from different continents, they get along. As amazing as these two facts are, nature is filled with an abundance of more incredulous truths.

Then, there is the sheer physical beauty of nature itself. Considered by many to be lowly, crows are considered to be among the most adaptable and intelligent birds in the world by Ornithologists. Watching the adventurous birds by themselves, they are fascinating to watch and their intelligence can be observed. Like the Mynah bird they can mimic the sounds of other creatures from other birds, to cats and even people. Their beauty, though different of that of a male white Peacock or that of a male Bali Bird of Paradise, can only be viewed when seen up close. Observing a 'Murder' of crows reveals their very social behaviour.

Photography allows us all to see these marvels and others. And, different photographic mediums, allows us to see these same marvels in differing ways. Please closely examine both the Color and B&W versions of my American Crow picture. Do you like it? Do you prefer the Color or the B&W? Do you now think this crow to be beautiful? If you have any comments, please, let me know.

My thirst for knowledge and quest to observe, first hand, these natural wonders, and my passion to share what I have learnt and seen, are what drives my photography. I strive to ever increase my technical and artistic photographic skills so I may better present images to you that hopefully will inspire or move you. And if in any way, however small I have accomplished this, then I have done my job."

Curious Pheasant 'Norman', Saint Bride's, NL, Canada